Martin Kilvády: All Inclusive [workshop; Bratislava v pohybe]

the fun confusion of zooming out and the nerdy clarity of zooming in styles


For the past 25 years I have been present in the field of professional contemporary dance.
I enjoyed studying, embracing the intricacies of creative processes, I spent countless hours with people I like, globetrotting presenting the work on stage and in dance studios.
All these experiences contributed towards the crystallisation of ‘Martins Dancing’, my dance style.


I remember clearly, surprisingly shortly after taking my first dance classes I was already teaching dance to others. I just liked a lot the process of unveiling my intuitive understanding, conceptualising it and inventing procedures how to gift my know-how to friends, colleagues and students. I have taught others pretty much everything what I learned from others and experienced myself. I received the MA degree in dance pedagogy and simultaneously I have been dancing full blast until nowadays.

What I’m offering to you is an experience of my craft, a study moment in the library of my knowledge. I will teach you the scores and methods, that will equip you with concrete and graspable tools. I designed these tools in order to cultivate awareness, a sensitivity that can help you to access your feelings. The study process will radically enlarge your movement vocabulary and teach you how to use the body language more eloquently.

“this is how we dance in our village”, “travelling through all asanas”, “orchestration”, “melting to all directions”, “growing plant style”, “sun setting legato”, “gently smoking thighs score”, “feet and hand relevé”,  “feeling”, “flirting with intensity”, “range of motion”, “mobile chest spine – tree trunk lumbar spine” “delicious dancing”

I invite you to curiously view the video links at the end of this writing. They will give you visual impressions of my artistry.

I have never done anything in my life that was not improvised.
Since 2005 I am mostly not working with pre-choreographed movement sequences, pre-written vocabulary, yet I believe that my work contains tremendous amount of clarity and layered precision. I use improvisation to conduct my movement research, to perform, for the work outs and training sessions and unusually as a treatment tool.

What I’m presenting to you is very personal, yet I carry the belief that my work houses a generous portion of objective value to All. To study with me you don’t need to be a movement specialist, professional performer nor a young person. I appreciate a lot open minded curios students ready to spend time to investigate, using your todays potential occasionally swinging to the tunes of music.

I wish to help and make you feel better.


Dátum: 4. október 2019
Miesto: HTF VŠMU, Bratislava

Dátum: 04.10.2019

Čas: 11:30

Miesto: HTF VŠMU

Mesto: Bratislava