M. Hodoň, D. Raček, N. Rafaelisová: ↑&X / A P E N D I X

The dance duet A P P E N D I X is an anticipation of the end. On the ground of Berge's texts it's examine the overlap of conciousness and unconciousness and their ifluence of shaping reality. Time as an katalyzer of cortex and next wasted chance to remember my own life. I will die and I won't even remember.

Directed by: Martin Hodoň
Performance: Nikoleta Rafaelisová, Daniel Raček
Dramaturgy: Dáša Čiripová
Set Design, Costumes, Light Design: Michal Hōr Horáček
Music: Ink Midget
Production: GAFFA o. z.
Co-production: Štúdio 12

Foto and video: Ľuboš Kotlár


Premiere: 12.08.2020

Lenght: 75 min.

Contact: Martin Hodoň