Move-you, o.z.

The civic association Move-you operates under the leadership of its founders Katarína Matúšová and Simona Tonková since 2017. We focus on our own projects in the field of contemporary dance. The goal of Move-you is to create a space for contemporary dance to meet in all its forms with the professional and lay public, with dancers and non-dancers, with teachers of dance, sports, movement and other related industries. We focus on dance performances, festivals, educational and creative activities, which motivate people to spread out cultural awareness. We are the authors of an intensive educational program Move You Camp, we offer counseling in the field of education and teaching of contemporary dance, as well as career mentoring for young emerging dance artists. We also focus on our own creations and performances  (Women 2020). With its activities, Move-you stimulates not only the growth of cultural and social values, but also the healthy development of the body and personality.