mimoOs & Priekopník Veverička: Millennial Magic Mirror

Say, oh, say my magic mirror, who is the most beautiful of them all?
Pray tell, oh, magic mirror, who is the most popular of them all?
Show me, oh, magic mirror, exactly what I want to see!
Tell me exactly what I want to hear, so my sadness would disappear
And I won’t have to shed even one more tear!


Millennial Magic Mirror examines the use and abuse of new technology, social networks, humanity, artificial intelligence.

There’s a place where we interact both with people and robots. In this virtual space, the relationship of these two worlds is intertwining. The bots are becoming more human, the humans start to act more and more like bots. It is supposed to be a place for networking and deeper interaction, but in this ocean of information solitude reigns.



The following performance reviews were generated within the project Dance Season 2018/2019 - a Slovak nationwide project of analyzes of contemporary dance performances and discussions, which was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


A very pleasant surprise – intriguing performative level and great verbal expression of otherwise known great young dancers.

by Katarína Cvečková


Young, fresh, even somewhat cheeky work. Generational. A body of work with contemporary language, performative-dance, done in a style close to the generation of millennials. The work consists of 3 parts, each of them following a different, very diverse dramaturgy. The first and the third part is more expressive and dynamic, the middle passage is static. The introduction is based on strong interaction with the audience – spreading to mobile applications and commenting, profile tracking, letting the audience enter into apparent privacy, behind the scenes of our masks.

by Michaela Pašteková

Barbora Janáková & Lukáš Bobalik

Directed by & Dramaturgy
Lívia MM Balážová & Zebastián Méndez Marín

Light Design
Jakub Branický

Martin Polák

Jakub Turčan & mimoOs

Graphic Design
Ivana Kleinová

Photo & Video
Noro Knap

Erik Zeman



15 September 2018

45 minutes