Lukáš Bobalík

Dancer, movement coach, guest lecturer and a choreographer. He is a graduate of Bratislava Conservatory and holds an MA from Dance Pedagogy from Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. He likes to combine very physically engaged work with light, almost parody like humour. His portfolio is rich of collaborations with diverse choreographic approaches and such is his style of movement as well as artistic explorations. From working with Joe Alegado, Davide Sportelli and first generation Slovak contemporary dance choreographers such as Marta Poláková and Anna Sedláčková, he also co-created with younger renown creators such as Peter Šavel, Yuri Korec, Anton Lahky, Lívia Mendez Balážová. Lately, he has been a member of an artistic collective MimoOs – a joint production platform of Slovak dancers of younger generation and is currently deeply interested in psychological side of artistic work. He regularly leads contemporary dance workshops for movers and dancers.

L. Bobalík, M. Hriešik: TIMEOUT BURNOUT

A dance solo and at the same time one man tennis match is a game of endurance. Aiming at finding the right rhythm, the dancer plays in all directions, eventually mainly against himself, exploring the limits of his energy, motivation and purpose. Two musicians and light designer accompany him on his inner quest constantly adapting to his game, supporting, adding up, provoking, incessantly, while dance movements blend with forehands and backhands. How much is enough, when does the match end, can there be any balance? Created in a space that once was a gym, Timeout Burnout is a very personal confession of a young artist, an able and committed Slovak dancer Lukáš Bobalík, broken by limits of local work conditions but also his own obsession with perfection. Partnered by a dramaturge Maja Hriešik and a visual artist Zuzu Hudek, after almost a year of movement exploration, they co-create a piece which is at the same time an installation, a sports event and a dance performance showing a human dancing on the verge of debris of a burnout society.

Choreography, dance: Lukáš Bobalík
Dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik
Set design: Zuzu Hudek
Music: Henry Purcell, Franz Schubert, Jakub Mitrík
Vocals: Peter Mazalán
Guitar: Jakub Mitrík
Light design: Jozef Čabo
Production: Martina Širáňová, mimoOs
​Photo a video: Symon Kliman, Natália Zajačíková