Jana Tereková

Dancer and choreographer Jana Tereková established herself and caught the attention of the professional public owing to her participation in numerous dance and dance-theatre projects (with the participation of eminent Slovak and international choreographers and directors). Apart from Slovakia, the projects were presented in Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. In 2011, she won the audience award at the Solo Duo festival in Budapest. She is actually based in Paris. Jana's work can be most aptly described as multi-genre art. This applies also to her intimate solo projects. It is because of Jana’s approach, which is typical for its intellectual multi-layered structure and the complexity of the author’s view. She inclines to contemporary poetry forms, which significantly influences the dramaturgical context of her dance productions. She creates an inspirational and artistic symbiosis of movement, text, music and image. The complexity of her artistic point of view, alongside with her interpretational qualities establish a delicate combination which is significant for her art.