Jaroslav Viňarský

(*13.08.1978, Vranov nad Topľou, Slovak republic)


I consider the presence of dance and the deep relationship to human creativity in my life to be an existential fact. It's like breathing. I have been dancing since I was five years old and the last 22 professionally. Mainly as a dancer, choreographer, and performer, my working in the field is not the result of academic study. Since childhood, I have been interested in various manifestations of corporeality and the phenomenon of human thinking. Today, it is no longer just an area of dance art that I would focus exclusively on. I perceive corporeality as a fundamental precondition for human consciousness, from which the human ability to think and create is born. I believe in the constant movement of the development of individual and collective deepening of perception, thinking, and cognition. I try to transform my own thinking and understanding in my work through creative activity and writing. A relevant example of how and what I think I perceive and experience is the process-oriented artwork, THE TOUCH OF THE OPEN (TOTO), which I have been working on since 2017.


The term „the touch of the open“ expresses the experience of inner opening, accompanied by a feeling of almost real physical touch. It is an intuitive sensation with a powerful potential for transformation. The dichotomy of inner and outer suddenly dissolves. THE TOUCH OF THE OPEN is a process-oriented artwork that I have been working on since 2017. I like to resemble it to writing a book, consisting of chapters with their own titles and whose form the writer decided to think of as a living play with thoughts and language. Willing to be exposed to the unknown. This is especially true for its introductory chapter EXPOSITION... To what extent is it possible to transform traditional forms of theatrical and performative production into forms created with community significance? It's not about denying traditions. Habits can be confirmed or changed, and sometimes it is necessary to abandon them. … EXPOSITION is a performative opportunity to uncover the inner motives familiar to all of us, in the whole range from hesitation to action. It is also an invitation to the process of continuous and conscious self-reflection. The "spectator" is invited to participate. Still, he chooses his role himself. Being the observer from a distance or grasping the opportunity to be one of the event‘s movers.