Kristína Šérová

Kristína Šérová has completed her secondary education in the field of Dance at the Private Conservatory Zádielska 12, Košice. She is currently completing a bachelor's degree in the Performance / Stage Dance / Pedagogue program at the Institute of Dance Art at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. 

She is professionally active as a performer, teacher and beginning creator on the independent dance scene. As a performer, in addition to her study activities, she has collaborated with the Priestor Súčasného Tanca Košice, she has been an active performer at White Night Košice, Art and Tech Days (Košice), Body Sound Space Festival / KAPU, Linz /, Musik im Raum - SLOW / RedSapata - TANZFABRIK, Linz /. She has participated in workshops with: Milan Tomášik, Jarek Cemerek, Joe Alegado, Jana Ryšlavá, Jianan Qu, Bruno Genty, Attila Egerházi, Eldad Ben Sasson and others…

As a teacher, she taught contemporary dance classes in Linz for a short time in addition to her studies. Currently she regularly teaches contemporary dance classes at the Private Conservatory Zádielska 12, Košice.

As a beginning choreographer, she has created choreography for student performances in Linz, as well as several smaller solo choreographies and one diploma choreography. Her aim is to actively participate in the current dance scene in Slovakia and abroad.

Every human leaves some traces after him/ her self either visual or emotional. Many of them might be attached to another person or leave a sign. As we all went through different situations on various levels of our lives. That affects our posture and the natural body movement which is various for each person. The development of our body motion skill can be processed by deepening our understanding of the mechanism itself. Awareness of body – mind freedom. The mind and body are codependent on each other and need the other in making decisions. The mind requires the body to learn, experience so as to make accurate judgments, while the body requires the mind to make its decisions for it. Without one or the other, I feel they would not be able to exist. The mechanism of mind and body, the understanding of body and soul or also the understanding of psychophysical dualism refers in philosophy and neuroscience to the question of the relationship between the mental relations of our psychology (consciousness, thoughts ) and the physical world (material brain and its algorithms).