Barbora Janáková

​Barbora graduated in dance at a conservatory in Nitra (2011) and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (2016). During her studies, she attended many workshops to broaden her education (David Zambrano, Martin Kilvády, Peter Šavel, Balázs Bussa, Sumako Koseki, Anton Lachký, Peter Jaško, Davide Sportelli, Monika Caunerová, Danko Raček, Andrej Petrovič, Stano Dobák, Monika Lászlo, Kevin Rees, Milan Kozánek, Milan Herich, Defne Erdur, Milan Tomášik, Claire Plenat, Cyril Baldy, David Zambrano, Jozef Fruček, Andrea Opavská, Andris Kačanovskis, Olga Zitluhina, Gregor Luštek, Shi Bo, Shi Jingxin, Tan Hao and others). Since 2011, she has been working as a performer on the Slovak scene: Davide Sportelli – Skin; Anton Lachký – Night Illusion; P. Šavel, M. Poláková, J. Korec, T. Procházka – Sensory Understanding; Marta Poláková – Horúčava, pODPORa. Recently, she has been percived as an emeging author too (Bottoms Up, Touch). She also works as a teacher at a conservatory and is a chairwoman of the civic union mimoOs. She has been to an internship in Belgium and gone through several international exchange programs (Dijon, France; 1st & 2nd China CEE Dance Summer Camp).

NO ON is an organic creative process. It is a performative concert, dance without choreography, music without a score. It exists in the dedicated space and time, selflessly offering a spectrum of images, tones, movements, light steps, emotions and inspirations. 

Present in the space are the spectators and objects of different shapes and functions. And the performers, who are the energetic conductors connecting everything. The spectators arrive, choose a spot, sit down and the objects begin to resonate with their movements and feelings. Everything in the space is washed over by music and movement. Though this fluidity can perhaps not be perceived with a naked eye, it can surely be exploding within us. The role of „the energetic conductors“ is to let all these vibrations pass through them, resonating. If they feel a potential in the established resonance, they navigate or transform, dive deep into their own fantasy and through this create a tangible matter in the space. This matter that is in reality born from the togetherness in the room.

Concept: Barbora Janáková
Performance: Barbora Janáková, Juraj Čech
Music: Juraj Čech
Dramaturgy: Katarína K. Cvečková
Set Design, Costumes, Light Design: Laura Madijah Štorcelová
Movement and conceptual coach: Peter Šavel
Music coach: Marián Zavarský
Production: mimoOs, Barbora Janáková