Lukáš Zahy Záhorák

I am 26 years old dance performer Lukáš Zahy born by cesarean section. 

I have been dancing since the first year of primary school and I started with ballroom and latin-american dances, in which I was nine times vice champion and one time champion of Slovakia. 

Now, twenty years after gaining dance experiences, I can dance nine dance styles or techniques. 

I studied at Academy of performing arts in Bratislava dance theater and performance and one year at prestigious Salzburg experimental academy of dance. 

In addition to my professional dance career I also do street art photography and my next two fine art projects. 

In fine art I am looking for a philosophical intersection between composition of the elements on a specific surface and choreographic composition of experimental contemporary dance. 

I'm looking for where art is an art anchored in our identities; and if we play for the existence of art, then I am looking for the rules of this game.