Zuzu Hudek

Zuzu Hudek studied scenography at Bratislava's Academy of Music and Performing Arts. She completed a scholarship in Krakow and postgraduate studies in scenography in Groningen. During her career, Zuzu Hudek applied for several grants to create small independent projects and art installations. She works as a freelancer in stage and costume design mainly for contemporary dance performances. Zuzu Hudek works as a president for Slovak OISTAT centre and is a member of the Costume Design Group. She actively presents her work and research at international conferences (Mexico City, Antwerp, Prague, Critical Costume platform). She is currently researching the function and metamorphosis of costume in a dance performance.

Photo: Simona Babjaková, Natália Zajačiková

The project METAMORPHOSIS was created on the basis of a FPU creative scholarship to stage and costume designer Zuzu Hudek.

The intention of the project was to explore the limits of materials and conceptual possibilities of pre-made costumes and objects in close collaboration with the performer. The aim was to create costumes and objects that undergo an evolution - metamorphosis - during the performance - under the influence of light, movement, sound, they change their meaning, form, content, colour, light, speed, rhythm, kinetics, age, decay, wither, fall off, etc. Costume and object as a fundamental concept express a process - anxiety, rebirth, liberation, relationships, disintegration, illness, aging, wear and tear, gender change, etc.  The outcome of the creative process were several short movement performances.

Concept, costumes and objects: ZUZU HUDEK
Choreography and dance: Daniel Raček, Magdaléna Takáčová, Barbora Janáková, Soňa Kúdeľová
Photography: Simona Babjaková 
Place and date of presentation: Nová Cvernovka - Telocvičňa, 18.10. 2021
Thanks to the Platform for Contemporary Dance - PlaST, namely Maja Hriešik and Soňa Kúdeľová for their help and for providing the space of Telocvičňa in Nová Cvernovka for the creation and rehearsals.

The project was supported by the Fond na podporu umenia.