Viktória Revická

Viktoria Revicka focuses mainly on performativity in her work, but also works with authorial text, video, food, fermentation, and plants. Her approach to creation reflects her personal interest in the relationship with the environment, ecology, intuition, fermentation processes, and slowing down. She taps into the vulnerability of both living and non-living environments, which she conveys to us through visual metaphors and her own vocabulary.

Kvasný pohyb / Fermentation Motion

The starting point for the video-performance is the author's personal experience with yeast, their mutual coexistence, and sensitization. The movement performance represents the fermentation process, which consists of several stages: 

* initiation of the fermentation process 

* peak activity of the fermentation process 

* sharing of sugar (energy) 

* maintaining the activity (life) of the yeast culture