Roberta Legros Štěpánková

Roberta Legros Štěpánková is performer and choreographer, pedagogue and body oriented psychotherapist. Since 2017, she has been based in Brno, Czech Republic, but originally comes from Nitra, Slovakia. She spent nine years of life abroad – studying dance by Melanie Venino (DE) and David Finelli (IT) in Valencia, Spain and later moved on to combine bodywork with psychotherapy studying Dance-movement Therapy at CODARTS University for the Arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She has been working with the body in the context of  expression/theatre and healing since 2009. Roberta actively creates performances while laying emphasis on including and connecting the media of dance – music – visual image & light – word. She teaches dance, improvisation and how the body technique enters the art of instant composition. She teaches at the Department of Physical Theatre of Janáčkova Academy of Art in Brno, and her private classes and workshops take place on regular basis in Brno. Her therapeutic work involves perception of the body as an essential way of understanding what is happening with us and where we can find a point of support.