Daniel Raček

In his youth he was fascinated by folk dance, its dynamics, spontaneity and ballroom dances. During almost 30 years in the field of contemporary dance, he has collaborated with a number of Slovak and foreign directors and choreographers. Among other long-term and intensive cooperation with Debris Company (Bratislava), RootlessRoot company (Athens) and Karen Foss Quiet Works (Oslo). Since 2014, he has been working and teaching as a member of the Late Harvest Association (Bratislava), whose work is characterized by open forms and progressive methods of creation and research. Creative research projects transcend the boundaries of science and art (quantum physics, embryology, geometry and architecture). In his pedagogical practice he focuses on the principles of contemporary dance with a special focus on up-side down positions and modern partnering. In 2006 he was awarded the prize for the best performing performance in contemporary dance - Philip Morris / Flower of Ballet. He is a graduate of the Math and physics faculty of UK and Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.