Katarína Brestovanská

Katarína Brestovanská / dancer and choreographer. Her works intertwine dance/performance hand in hand with music, musical partiture, digital and experimental technologies. She closely collaborates with director and dramaturgist Jana Smokoňová. Since 2017 together they have been a conceptional and creative couple. In the frame of music her collaborative partners are Martin Kosorín, Adam Dekan, Ján Kružliak jr., Kamil Mihalov, Marek Žoffaj.
Katarína Brestovanská together with companions has created several authorial performances (such as Micro v macro, Indigo, DUAL, In between yearning and death, Shifting systems). The work DUAL (2017) won an award for the Most Innovative Performance of the Fintdaz International Festival in Chile, along with an award for its contribution to the development of artistic and cultural values in the field of contemporary art. As choreographer she collaborates with german dance collective The MichaelDouglas Kollektiv.  She is part of projects of dance art innovator and conflict mediator Dana Caspersen / USA. Their collaborations focus leads to choreographical preparation of participatory events with an overlap into social themes as polarization, violence, corruption.
She graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Commenius University in Bratislava, department human resources management and cultural and social science. Katarína Brestovanská established EN VORENTOE dancing project in 2021. EN VORENTOE encompasses her previous achievements in art productions. It grows with the label bearing cooperation, ingenuity, finesse, multidimensionality, sometimes minimalism, another time quantity. It describes body, free choice of topics through dance/movement means of expression blending together with music, musical composition, sound and experimental technologies.

Photo: Peter Brestovanský